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Video Marketing of Properties

When putting a property out in the market for leasing, you want to make sure that it is really getting out there to be seen by possible tenants. This is why, here at Independence Capital Property Management, we use video marketing for many of our properties. This gives us a huge advantage and sets us apart from our competitors, which is why we have so much faith in marketing this way and another reason our homes rent the fastest!

Video Marketing: The Best Way to Market a Property

First of all, it is important to point out that real-estate listings that use video in their marketing receive 403% more inquiries than those that don’t. As you can see, this pretty much summarizes why video marketing in the best way to market a property.

Another great reason for video marketing is that homes can be viewed from afar. A tenant cannot always travel or afford the time or flight to see the homes that we have available. Having the opportunity to see a video tour with us helps them make a decision on a home without actually having to physically view the property. We also offer Facebook live tours, skype video tours, and FaceTime through iPhone tours. We have many options available so our homes can be seen from wherever the possible tenant may be at the moment. This gives us the maximum exposure on a property that we can possibly have attracting better tenants, faster.

Through video marketing, homes can be viewed 24 hours a day, 7 days week, 365 days a year as well, making it the best type of marketing available. Our videos are listed on YouTube, on our website and on other syndicated sites where video is allowed. This makes our property videos available for viewing at any time and throughout many different sources, taking maximum advantage of it.

For instance, if a possible tenant has to look for a rental property, but their only time to do so is at 2 am, we don’t want to discourage them because our office isn’t open. We want to be able to make this possible by making our homes viewable at any time and from any place. Video marketing gives us that advantage. This is huge because real-estate offices are normally open from 8 am to 5 pm approximately just like any of our competitors and since they are not using video tours, we use this heavily to compete in getting those great tenants. By having a video available, we are more likely to win that tenant.

As a result of these all of these advantages, our homes rent faster. We get the maximum exposure possible on our rental properties and this is one of the most effective methods that we use.

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