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At Independence Capital Property Management we go that extra mile to make sure we offer a complete, reliable and dedicated service. For this, our management includes routine inspections, aside from our move in and move out inspections.

What Type of Inspections and Why Conduct Them?

We firmly believe in following up and verifying all parties abide by the leasing agreements. This is why we perform two month and ten month inspections. When the two month inspection is performed, we figure the tenant has had time to now settle into the home. At this point we want to be able to identify and address any tenant performance issues, soon and early on in the tenancy. Many times we come across things like that the furnace filter is not being changed out or the yard is not being maintained. Addressing these types of issues early on will allow us to have a positive tenancy throughout the rest of the term. We address the short comings and follow up to make sure they are complied with.

When we get to our ten month (often times this falls as a 2 month prior to lease expiration) inspection, we are usually at a point where we are now going to be asking for a lease renewal to try to keep a tenant in a term. The ten month inspection helps us verify that tenant performance has been maintained, and that these tenants are in fact, somebody we want to renew a lease with. We must consider things like; have they been on time with rent, have they maintained the yard, has any damage been caused and other important tenant performance issues that need to be addressed.

This is what our routine inspections are all about, and this is what is addressed while conducting these routines. It’s all part of our management and is included in our management fee. These two appropriately timed inspection services have been wildly successful, and as a homeowner, it’s nice to know that it’s not a set it and forget it type of management service. We want to make sure your investment is our top priority.

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