Protection Programs

Don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of the cost savings and peace of mind our Protection Programs have to offer! We have paid nearly $134,000 to ensure that our owners were covered from life's unexpected events. What are you waiting for... jump on board, and get your investment protected today!

Home Shield Protection Programs

Comprehensive Protection Program

Our best and most successful package! This program
addresses all 3 of our Landlords' top concerns: rent loss,
evictions, and property damage.

Eviction Protection

Eviction Protection
Covers the expense of
almost all evictions,
saving you over $700!

Rent Loss

Rent Loss Protection
We will pay up to
30 days of lost rent!

Property Protection

Property Protection
We will cover up to
$2,500 of tenant
caused damages!

Let’s do the

Do the Math Cartoon

Average Rental: $1,200 per month in rent.
Average Eviction Cost: $761.

In this situation, the tenant has now cost the owner $1,961 (plus damages they may cause to the home after they are evicted).

Comprehensive Protection Program cost: $684 per year.

This results in a cost savings to the Owner of AT LEAST $1,277!

Here's what one owner has to say:

"Life with these programs has been so much easier on me. I have a tenant who has fallen into hard times, and she pays her rent late every month. The programs ensure that even though my tenant is late on her rent, I'm not late on my mortgage. It also saves me huge eviction expenses each month that she's late, since the program pays those expenses as well. I can easily say that in the last 5 months, these programs have saved me almost $4,000. Well worth the money!!"

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