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Here at Independence Capital Property Management, we provide many great services. This one services in particular is provided with the tenant in mind, but is actually one that is beneficial to both the owner and the tenant. This is the home tutorial. For a home tutorial, we meet with the tenants at the home once they have moved in. We then proceed to show them all the functions of the house, how to operate systems, how to do basic preventative maintenance and we also perform a tenant induction.

Procedure of a Home Tutorial

First off, expectations are set for the tenant through the induction. Here they are informed on how they are expected to perform, how the house is expected to be taken care of, the importance of paying rent on time, reporting maintenance and to not move in unauthorized people or pets. Those are the type of things we’ll walk through with them.

The second thing that is reviewed with the new tenant is preventative maintenance. If, for example there is a leak in the house or if a pipe should burst, we’ll show the tenant where to shut off the water. This helps prevent further damage that could occur. We also coach them in what is their responsibility and what needs to be done by a professional. It is important that we are not sending out maintenance personal to homes for issues that can be done by the tenant. Things like light bulb changes, furnace filter changes, etc. Sometimes it’s just a reminder to the tenant and sometimes this is completely new information to them and just need to be made very aware of it. We certainly don’t want to send out a technician, that’s going to charge good money, to do those simple tasks that can be taken care of by the tenant themselves.

Lastly, we want to be able to answer any questions the tenant has. This helps us to set up a really good relationship between us and the tenants, making it more probable that they stay long and that they have an enjoyable tenancy.

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