Why You Need a Dedicated Property Management Company Like Independence Capital Property Management?

When looking to lease a property, who you trust to assist you with this process, or to completely take over this process for you, is an extremely serious decision that must be made wisely and with the proper knowledge. Working with a dedicated property management company is, by far, the best option in this case.

What is a Dedicated Property Management Company?

We are a dedicated property management company. What this means is we do not do sales. We are dedicated exclusively to leasing properties, managing the asset and building relationships.

Why Work with a Property Management Company?

Working with a property management company has many benefits. The most important benefit is that we dedicate our time and energy to solely managing properties, your property. The company’s attention is focused on the properties leased, the owner of these properties and the tenants.

Often times, people get their real estate agent friends to manage their homes, thinking this is the best service they are going to get, when in fact Realtors are always chasing the bigger fish. Their energy and focus is invested into selling homes and getting a big commission. With this we have to ask ourselves, how much time is going to be dedicated towards a rental property and its tenant and making that experience good? Not very much time, if any, will be invested into leasing the property on a monthly basis, especially not for the small amount of commission that is going to be received in comparison to the large commission received from sales. In addition, good property management is much more than simply collecting rent. To be a good property manager, they must be proactive, screening tenants, inspecting the home, ensuring tenant compliance, excellent documentation and much more.

For this reason we set up a dedicated property management company. Our whole focus and time is spent on managing property, not on sales. We’re focused on managing properties and managing them well. That’s what makes us good and different.

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