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Who Should Handle Your Rental Property Maintenance? Advice for Landlords in Farmington, NM

System - Tuesday, February 14, 2017

We’re talking about the importance of rental property maintenance, which is a big factor for our tenants and our owners as well. You want to keep your home well maintained, with repairs done quickly, correctly, and efficiently. Your property management company will either use in-house maintenance personnel or third-party vendors. We prefer third-party vendors for a number of reasons, but we’ll take a look at both options. 

Areas of Expertise

With in-house maintenance, the property management team often has a jack-of-all-trades handyman who will do repairs for you. The problem is, the quality of work may not be up to the level we like to see. There’s no area of specialty. We want to make sure the job is done right the first time, and that’s one of the advantages to hiring an expert for the repair. Third party vendors have competitive rates because they are trying to earn our business. They also have experience in the area that we need a repair.  

Excessive Work Orders

With an in-house maintenance team, you may have excessive work orders. Having maintenance in-house is an additional income stream for your property manager, so they may want to do as much work as possible. You’ll have several little repairs going on at different times instead of getting everything done at once. The quality of those repairs is not always great. That will require additional maintenance visits, which will add up in money and time, and your tenants won’t be thrilled that there are so many repair visits. Third-party vendors will warranty their work so we get their expertise. They’ll get the work done right the first time. 

Choosing Who Does Repairs

With an in-house vendor, you won’t have a choice in who does your repairs. You’ll get the guy you’re your property management company uses. But with third-party vendors, you can use local businesses to handle the repairs. If you have an HVAC issue, we’ll have an air conditioning team go out to look at the problem. 
We find that with the third-party vendors, you get a higher quality of work done in a timely manner. There’s also competition for the business, and you get warranty and insurance that they’re required to carry. These things really make using third-party vendors better for a company providing property management in Farmington
If you have any questions about these things, or anything related to Farmington property management, please contact us at Independence Capital Property Management.

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